As the seasons change, it can be difficult to adjust to shorter daylight hours and more cloudy days. Sun and natural light can help you feel more energized and improve your mood, but these days can be few and far between in the rainy Pacific Northwest.

If you are having trouble feeling energized or keeping your sleep schedule on track, consider trying a blue light for exposure to some healthy sunlight. Health Promotion & Wellness offers blue light rentals free of charge to students. These lights use the natural power of daylight to improve energy levels and mood.

Each unit is small (between iPhone and Kindle sized), plugs into a wall outlet to charge, and can sit on your desk or bedside table. It is recommended to use the light for 15-45 minutes at the same time each day, either in the morning or just after waking up. You can get more information from the Office of Health Promotion to decide if you think a blue light could be helpful for you.

You can rent these lights from our office located in room 012 of lower Odell or feel free to contact us at 503-768-8225 or [email protected].